Empowering Your Board to Fundraise – Part 2

Five Easy Steps to Engaging them in Fund Development

We know we need to treat our board members like major donors and learned what communication style they prefer. To empower them to fundraise, we need to give them tools to make it easy. We need to work with our Board members to develop an individual fundraising plan for each of them.

  1. Work with them to get their personal list golf tournament fundraising ideas of corporate and individual donors/prospects – Meet with them. Work with their assistant. Remind them about their lists – holiday, golf, church, alumni. Ask them to add current donors to their list
  2. Provide a way to develop and segment their list. Create an Excel spreadsheet for them to fill in the blanks. Ask them to segment the list for different fundraising appeals
  3. Provide a fax reply form that asks them the questions you need answered for special event or annual fund outreach. What letterhead do they want you to use? Will they sign or include notes before mailing?
  4. Set a deadline and empower them keep it. Call them before the deadline to empower them to be successful. If we let a deadline pass without follow up, the Board thinks it wasn’t important to us
  5. Keep them informed.Update fundraising results and share regularly with Board members. Update their lists with donations received. Share progress at Board meetings and through email. Send notes and emails to encourage individual Board members.

Remember, Board members are our friends, can be our allies and we should treat them like major donors!

Barbara Talisman is President of Talisman Associates, Inc., a full service consulting firm working with public benefit corporations. For more than 20 years, Barbara has provided hands-on fundraising, leadership training and executive coaching to non-profit organizations.